Lion Login Self-Service System

Lion Login Frequently Asked Questions
What is Lion Login?
Lion Login is an initiative created by Re:Sources IT to standardize and consolidate directory services and authentication credentials for all Publicis Groupe employees and partners. Lion Login ensures that only Publicis Groupe employees or partners can access confidential information on intranet sites. It also means that all users (whether using the Publicis Groupe Global Lotus Notes Email Platform or another email system) have one standard set of login codes across various Publicis Groupe platforms (Webmail, Intranets, etc - wherever you see the Lion Login logo).
What is my Lion Login?
There are two answers to this question:
  • If you are an employee of Publicis Groupe, and you are using the Publicis Groupe Global Lotus Notes Email Platform (identified by a Notes name ending in "/PUBGROUPE"):
    Your Lion Login is your Notes short name (see below if you do not know your short name) and your email password (the same codes that you use for Webmail access, for example).

  • If you are not an employee of Publicis Groupe OR if you use a different email system:
    You do not automatically have a Lion Login; you need to request one (see below). If you have already requested a Lion Login, then you will have received a personalized email with a Lion Login username and password. The codes shared in that email are your Lion Login details that should be used.
NOTE : On certain older applications, your login may correspond to your email address and not to your shortname. In this case the login form will explicitly ask for your "Email".
I am using the Publicis Groupe Global Lotus Notes Email Platform. How do I find my "short name"?
Your Lotus Notes short name is composed of approximately 8 characters. These are normally the first letter of your first name and up to the seven first letters of your last name. Your short name may also contain some numbers if required to make it unique. To verify your short name, you can either:
  • Open the PUBGROUPE Directory within Lotus Notes and look yourself up. Double click on your name and then select the "Basics" tab. There you will find your short name listed in the left-hand column.

  • Or

  • Within Lotus Notes, in the top level navigation bar, under "Action", select "Update Your Employee Info". Then select the "Basics" tab, and your short name will be listed in the left-hand column. (You cannot alter this information, but you can find it listed on this page.)

NOTE: If your phone number, office address or other information is incorrect, please update it by using the "Update Your Employee Info" option.

I need a Lion Login, how do I get one?
If you are a Publicis Groupe employee, working within one of our entities, please ask your local IT support team. They will do what is necessary to create a Lion Login for you. If your local IT team is unable or unaware of how to help because your entity is not yet integrated with Re:Sources, please contact the Owners of the application you are trying to access and obtain their assistance.

If you are a client, customer or other business partner, a request should be made through your Publicis Groupe agency representative.
I forgot my password, and clicked the "Reset password" option, but haven't received the email yet. What do I do?
If you have waited more than 1 hour, and have still not received the email, there are two possibilities:
  • The email may have been caught in your Anti-SPAM filter. You should check your "Junk Mail" folder or contact your local IT department to see if the email has been filtered.

  • Your email address may be improperly recorded in the Publicis Groupe Global Directory. In this case, Publicis Groupe employees will need to contact your local IT support, and clients, customers and business partners will need to contact your Publicis Groupe agency representative.
I forgot my password, reset it, received the new password and entered that on the login page, but I still can't login. Why?
It may take up to 60 minutes for your new Lion Login password to be activated across all of the systems; until the new password is activated across all of our systems, your old password must be used.